Quotations of Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Welcome to the Franklin Merrell-Wolff Quotations Project. The purpose of this project is to compile a book of quotations by Franklin Merrell-Wolff that have been submitted by members of the Fellowship. The first edition of The Wisdom of an American Yogi: Quotations of Franklin Merrell-Wolff was published in December 2015, and may be downloaded using the link below. As additional quotes are added, we will publish more editions.

To submit your favorite quotation (or quotations) please click on the link below. This will take you to a database entry form where you may enter or paste a quote. There is a drop-drown subject menu, which you may use to categorize your quote (if you prefer not to assign a subject to your quote, please choose ‘Other’ as your subject). There is also a field for you to make a suggestion for the subject, or any comment you may have. Please be sure to give complete bibliographic information (e.g., “p. 1 of Pathways Through to Space”). Finally, please be sure you click on the ‘Save’ button; you will then receive a message that your record has been saved.

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